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Operation Neon Dawn – What to expect

Operation Neon Dawn will be the next season to land on Rainbow Six Siege! Thai agent Aruni comes to strengthen the rank of defenders with her ability to manipulate lasers to perfection. Ubisoft allowed ESIX’s team to experience this new content so we tell you more about it.

Who is Aruni?

Aruni is the new defender coming out with Operation Neon Dawn. Her quick wit got her noticed by the Royal Thai Police and earned her as much respect from the authorities as being feared by the country’s criminals. In a high-risk operation in Bangkok alongside Thermite, she became close to dying and lost the use of two of her limbs. With the help of Kali welcoming her into Nighthaven, she gained access to new technologies that allowed her to replace her lost arm and leg. With her two newly placed prosthetis, she now moves gracefully and effortlessly and masters her environment to perfection.

Her icon is a lotus flower and it not chosen at random. The lotus is an Asian flower, symbol of spiritual purity in the image of Aruni, philanthropist, with the will to educate the public about the victims of wars and abandoned mines after conflict.

Regarding her equipment, for you trap lovers you will be delighted! Kapkan followers, you will love Aruni with her style of play! With the help of Twitch, Aruni has perfected her gadget so that it is no longer just an alarm but a real defense system. Her Surya Gate is placed on walls or entry points and projects lasers after its deployment. These deactivate after inflicting damage on other opponents or other gadgets. It can then be reactivated by defenders by shooting at it.

*barbed wire and alarm: equipment subject to change

With this new gadget, Aruni brings a new and rather effective defense system to prevent any intrusion on site. Her equipment is equally formidable since you will have the choice between Mozzie’s P10 Roni or Dokkaebi’s MK14 EBR as a main weapon which will be accompanied by the PRB92, BOPE and Nomad’s handgun. Plus, as an agent balanced in both speed and armor, the choice is entirely yours to make Aruni a formidable defender.

Skyscraper’s rework

As announced by Ubisoft during the last Six Invitational, this season marks the rework Skyscraper. An extension of the decor, a removed balcony, completely revised rooms, all of this can be seen in the video below

Other updates about operators


When we tested Operation Neon Dawn, we observed a change in Ash’s loadout. Her flash grenades were replaced by a claymore.


Regarding Echo, a major change is taking place with his Yokai drone. It will no longer be invisible. The goal is to make the player’s placement of Yokai drones more strategic.


A major change is taking place with Jäger regarding his gadget. Indeed, ADS previously intercepted all projectiles without any delay between them. The active defense system was systematically disarmed after destroying two projectiles.

In the next season, that will no longer be the case. The gadget will be able to destroy as many projectiles in an unlimited way. But in return, which is not the least, the ADS will be able to intercept the first projectile but will not be operational again until ten seconds after the interception of the projectile. The goal is to make the placement of the gadget more strategic.

ADS is a test version and will be subject to change following testing on the TTS server.


Hibana’s X-KAIROS benefits from a pretty smart and practical upgrade. Gamers dreamed of it, Ubisoft finally made it happen. Players will finally be able to decide the number of explosive pellets to deploy. Players have three choices between deploying the classic six charges or deploying four or two now for a total of 18 charges. Make good use of it!


Ubisoft has changed the delay before a defender is spotted outside the building from three seconds earlier to just one second with the arrival of Operation Neon Dawn.


With each new operation, the map pool adapts. Operation Neon Dawn is no different. The Skyscraper rework is added to the map list as Outback takes its leave.

The seasonal charms are also very aesthetic of Asian and Eastern inspiration.

In conclusion, Operation Neon Dawn, like a breath of fresh air, brings a several new updates. The defense is given a brand new powerful and formidable anti-infiltration system. Attackers will have to think twice before entering the site. You will be able to take the opportunity to test Aruni and the changes made to the other agents on the new playground that Ubisoft has reserved for us with the Skyscraper rework and then get started in ranked to get one of these magnificent seasonal charms.

The new Operation Neon Dawn is to be tested on the TTS from November 9, 2020.