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Operation Crimson Heist – What to expect

Operation Crimson Heist is coming to Rainbow Six Siege soon! Flores, a genius of banditry joins the team of attackers with his detonating drone! The entire Esix team thanks Ubisoft for allowing us to test the first season of year 6!

Who is Flores?

Flores is the new attacker of this Operation Crimson Heist who brings with him a real breath of fresh air in Rainbow Six Siege. He is the Robin Hood of modern times straight from Argentina. Sole responsible for supporting his ailing mother, he quits his civil service job and leaves military school to engage himself in organized crime full time. His credo: to steal from powerful criminals and redistribute the profits to the poorest.

Concerning his equipment, our gentleman burglar has developed a remotely controllable explosive device. With the help of several members of Team Rainbow, he came up with the idea of placing RCE-Ratero charges on a drone he pilotes until the countdown starts and BOOM! The gadget explosion is similar to C4 however it does not have the same scope. But the explosion can be very useful for creating rotations or playing vertically on destructible grounds which makes it a very ingenious gadget.

This is also indestructible when the RCE-Ratero charge is armed before its explosion (three seconds before detonation). But the drone can be neutralized in several ways by the defender.

First option, the player can shoot the drone to destroy it like all other drones. Mute has the possibility to make it inactive like any other drone, Bandit can also destroy it with its batteries. Only Mozzie cannot capture his drone.

Border’s rework

Border, which was withdrawn from the competitive map pool a few months ago, returns in this new season with a revamped design. The lack of rotations in the map enclosure has been corrected, the various rooms are now more streamlined. There is now less destructible furniture and accessories for more visual comfort. The noise of the helicopters has been reduced, and the memorable voice you could hear will now be cut off during the action phase. Check out the Border rework in the video below.

Other updates

Replay Match beta mode arrives

It was announced last year during the last Six Invitational 2020, the Replay mode of your games lands in Beta mode during Operation Crimson Heist. You will now have the opportunity to review each round of your previous matches in order to better understand certain situations during the game.

Novice Playlist Rework

For new players, changes are made to the Novice playlist. In order to facilitate the experience of novice players, the maps of the playlist have evolved in order to improve the transition of new players to the more competitive modes in order to better understand the maps and not to be caught off guard to avoid penalizing their team.

Evolution of the visual overview of in-game information

Players will be better informed about the status of different gadgets, visual in-game information will identify a gadget neutralized by a mute jammer. We also learn that Nomad’s Airjab will be neutralized by the jammer in the future.

New elite skin

Kali’s turn to equip herself with an elite outfit. This will be available this season.

Map pool and Ranked

Who says new season, says new map pool! The Border rework is added to the maps’ list.

The seasonal charms are in the theme of the new Heist-inspired Operation.

Get ready now because Operation Crimson Heist is coming and promises you some explosive moments!

The new Operation Crimson Heist is to be tested on the TTS from February 22nd 2021.