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Guide to the new ESIX site!

First and foremost: welcome to our new home! Wipe your feet before entering, we hope you will feel comfortable at home.

You may have noticed that we have changed our logo. After 5 years of loyal service, it was time to refresh it all. Thanks to our graphic designer Fumikage (thanks bro <3) for this wonder! From now on, if you see an ESIX logo that is not this one, it won’t be us.

Let me walk you through this modest website. It does not claim to be the new benchmark of the French people but it can prove to be quite handy.

Let’s begin…

The home page!

You are stranded on this paradise page and you say, “Wow! How beautiful! Where to start?”. My role today is to help you find your way.
I invite you to look at the center of the visual. There you are, in your guide. In this same place will henceforth be our various articles, our last Youtube productions and guides, for example. On the left of your screen is the Menu but we will come back to it in more detail later in this guide.
On the right of your screen, the upcoming matches and the results. All the matches of the week and month are there before your eyes. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
At the top, always on the right. Our social networks. We are very active on the networks and if you want more details, this is where it happens!

If you have a keen eye, you have not missed the French flag. This is because you have the choice of language. The English version also exists. Hello dear mates!


451/5000What is an agenda you will tell me? It’s very simple ! It’s a table with lots of little boxes numbered 1 to 30 (or 31) that represents a month. You may notice that some numbers appear in yellow. These are match days! You wake up one morning and you say to yourself “Hey, I have nothing to do on Friday November 6, 2020 but what does Rainbow Six Siege esport have in store for me?” and the calendar will have the answer for you!

Articles & News

Unlike our previous site, we will not write an article for anything and everything. It will be original, new and really interesting content!


To your left, in the menu, you will notice the MOST IMPORTANT tab of the site. The competitions. Those that are in progress, about to start, and those that have just ended waiting to be archived.
Let’s take a completely random example: the Six November Major.

Three main parts to focus on:

  • Upcoming matches: you will find all the upcoming matches, at least those that we know, of the competition with dates, times and obviously the teams that will compete.
  • Tournaments: in this specific example, you will find the different very distinct regions. And if you click on the region that interests you, the bracket appears!
  • Results: I may surprise you with this information but in this part you will find the results of the previous matches.

Please note that the Competitions tab is under construction. We are trying to add possibilities such as European League stage or the possibility of archiving and reviewing at will. But what would a site be when it first launched if there weren’t a few small issues, right?


For those of you who don’t know, we have a Twitch channel and sometimes things happen. We broadcast content, programs imagined and created by ourselves or competitions! Did I tickle your curiosity? All you have to do is follow ESIX_France!


No more Google Drive that gets lost in the middle of social networks! All the photos taken since the creation of ESIX can now be found in this tab.
The gallery is a bit like a haven of peace in these difficult times. The health crisis (wear your masks, thank you.) prevents us from having new events and that makes us really very sad. In a fit of nostalgia, we take refuge in the memories of our galleries.
Treat yourself now from the Six Invitational 2018 to the Six Invitational 2020.
PS: don’t forget the credits!


What would Rainbow Six Siege be without its community? Hint: nothing.
Each in your own way, you contribute to the success of the game. And some of you have an incredible talent and that is why today, we have created your own space.
Whether you are a cosplayer, an artist, or a skilled handyman, you have your place here. What is currently in place is a non-exhaustive list and we would be happy to add more!
We would like to point out that each image or name is clickable and refers you to the artist’s social networks.
Take a walk on this page which is full of wonders and discover new talents!


In the Association tab, we present to you each member of our beautiful association that is ESIX. Our story, why we’re here, etc. Come say hello, we are (almost) all nice.
By the way, if a recruiter comes by … Hire us!


We don’t know when, we don’t really know yet how BUT we are working on it and it’s coming soon!
You will be the first to know.

Thank you

Thank you for landing on our site, thank you for viewing this guide. I hope it has been useful to you and if you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.
We will do our best to make your life easier, this is our main goal.

A huge thank you to the Ingeesys team for the work done. Thanks to all the ESIX members who gave their lives to get everything ready. And thank you for following us for 5 years already. We love you!